Learn English – “I’m the own grandpa” – is there a word for this


I was listening to a Chad Morgan record today, on which his cover of the song I'm my own grandpa features as the first track.

The lyrics of the song describe a bizzare, but plausible scenario, in which a man finds himself becoming his own grandfather through an unfortunate combination of marriages. (The narrator marries a widow, whose adult daughter then ends up marrying his father.)

Thinking back on the times that I've heard one person mock another by suggesting that their lineage contains such an anomaly, this was always done by stating the specific relationships. For instance, the person would say something along the lines of "I bet [this person]'s brother is his uncle".

That made me wonder… Has there ever been an actual word to describe the state of being related to yourself as a result of a marriage?

Best Answer

I'd suggest kin to self.

Kin refers to one's related people, and is often used to describe family relatonships in academic contexts.

I don't know of an existing single word that conveys the same meaning. Maybe self-kin? :-)