Learn English – I’m trying to describe a sound i.e. a popping sound which is metallic. How to phrase such a sound


The best I could come up with is Metallic Pop which doesn't suit the rest of the writing style at all, which has a bit more imaginative use of adjectives.
What other phrase could I use to describe such a sound? The sound I was thinking of was somewhat similar to the Hangouts Pop notification sound.
A word that sounds serious, brooding even. If possible.

If I had to describe it, it would be the Hangouts Pop sound, but more metallic nature.

And ping IS a good word for it, yes. But it feels too…short? I would really like to know if there was a phrase to describe it? Something ominous yet sounding high-tech.

If it helps in anyway, the object making the sound is what I call a compressible bag, which takes in a special kind of radiation and compresses its contents into a miniscule dimension. To make it easier to carry. Once the compression is done, it makes the sound. To say that the process is over.

Best Answer

You can try "plinked" defined in dictionary as: verb past tense: plinked; past participle: plinked emit a short, sharp, metallic or ringing sound. "the sounds echoed and plinked like bells" play a musical instrument in such a way as to produce short, sharp, ringing sounds. "a daughter dutifully plinks through her piano lesson"