Learn English – In the blink of an eye


I wanted to say – time flies very fast with the usage of the idiom "in the blink of an eye". The sentence goes like this – Time flies like in the blink of an eye. Is this the correct usage of the idiom?

Best Answer

In the blink of an eye is a very short time in its literal sense. There is no need to use "like" here— it isn't like an instant, it is an instant.

Time flies is an idiom which evokes the general sense that it moves quickly, and more quickly than we perceive it, but not necessarily in an instant. The old saying is Time flies when you're having fun, meaning time seems to pass more quickly when having fun, but not that the fun is over with as soon as it started.

They are both clichés, and I would try to think of better expressions perhaps more directly related to the topic. If you do use one, remove the other, as they are redundant. You could say, for example,

My first year at university passed in the blink of an eye.

Time flew during my first year at university.