Learn English – In Vs On Vs At (when talking about streets)


I have found many sentences with street names and some of them have these three prepositions. I Don't know, but I believe that Americans use (on + name of the street) and British use (in + name of the street). So if I am correct about this, are these sentences correct?

He lives in Oxford St.

He lives on Oxford St.

I also came across that "in" is not used when we want to talk about exact location, you'd use "at" instead. So, are these sentences correct?

He lives at 4732 Marshall Drive.

Alice's office is at 26515 Main Street.

These last two sentences I've come across them using the prepositon "on", but if "at" is used to exact location, I think that "on" would be incorrect. I don't know if there is any difference between British and American English in this case.

Best Answer

In British English, the name of the street without any further precision is preceded by in when you’re talking about where someone lives: he lives in Oxford Street. The precise address is preceded by at: he lives at 128 Oxford Street. On may occasionally be found to say where a building is located: Ikea have a big new store on Oxford Street.

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