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I saw this other question, but it's not quite what I'm asking.

A bell makes a sound. How would you write that sound in English? As an interjection, e.g. "boom!"

I'm sure it varies with the type and size of bell. I'd be happy to hear any and all variations.

Best Answer

Ringing sounds (nouns)

bell – the sound that a bell makes when it rings
bong – a long deep sound that a bell makes
chime – a ringing sound made by a bell, or by a clock with a bell inside it
ding – the short sound that a bell makes
ding-dong – the sound that a bell makes
jingle – the sound that small metal objects make when they hit each other
peal – a sound of several bells ringing
ping – a short high sound like the sound of a small bell
ring – the sound that a bell produces
ring – a sound like a bell
ting-a-ling – the high clear sound that a small bell makes
tinkle – a high ringing sound
tintinnabulation – the sound of bells
tocsin – a warning signal made by the sound of a bell
toll – the loud slow repeated sound of a large bell
“Ringing Sounds” at Macmillan Dictionary and Thesaurus

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