Learn English – Is “I am sat” bad English


Is "I am sat" bad English? I believe it is incorrect and instead either the present continuous

I am sitting

or the predicate adjective

I am seated

should be used.

I hear this quite often, however, and ultimately usage overrules formality. Does anybody know where this originated or how to describe it grammatically?

Best Answer

Forms like "I am sat here" and "they were stood there" are common in certain dialects of English (such as Yorkshire, where I live), but are not regarded as standard English, which prefers "I am sitting here" and "they were standing there".

They are examples of stative verbs, which in many languages have a different grammar from other verbs, but exactly how the form arises I don't know. [Edit: also, they don't pattern with the class of verbs usually called "stative" in English, in that they do have continuous forms: "I am sitting" etc.]