Learn English – Is it correct to intrigue me


In conversation if someone pitches something to you but you're not entirely convinced, can you ask for more details by saying "intrigue me"?

Best Answer

Grammatically speaking, there's nothing at all wrong with imperative "Intrigue me", but it seems likely OP has misunderstood what the verb to intrigue actually means. From OED...

(transitive) To excite the curiosity or interest of; to interest so as to puzzle or fascinate.

The meaning OP wants to convey is normally expressed by "Convince me". But here's an example where it really does mean "Do something to excite my interest"...

(New York Magazine "Lonely Hearts" column, 1985)
Passionate, Brilliant, Bizarre — Woman, 29.
I am quite wicked, beautiful and successful. I dare you to intrigue me.