Learn English – Item between ‘minor’ and ‘major’


I am looking for a word, or multiple words, which would fit between the terms 'minor' and 'major'. For example: 'Major arterial road' and 'minor arterial road' describe two types of roads with particular traffic flows (and design requirements), but what if there is a scenario which does not fit any of the two precisely, but sits somewhere in between?

The reason I am asking is that I am attempting to devise a naming convention for drawing layers in CAD. Usually a 'minor' and a 'major' layer suffice. An example would be lines depicting concrete, where the 'major' lines are the outlines and edges and the 'minor' lines interior corners and hidden lines. Now I have come across a few scenarios where I need another option in between.

Please note that I am not asking for help with creating a naming convention. I am looking for a word in the English Language that is between 'minor' and 'major'.

Best Answer

Intermediate would work, as it means that it comes between two extremes.

Medium, mid, middle, and median could also work, and are pleasing because they begin with an M so fit with major and minor.