Learn English – Looking for a word to describe the burden of initiating a task


I'm trying to find a specific word to describe the act of putting the burden of initiating a task upon the person who has an interest in it.

Whereas delegating is giving the task to someone else–a subordinate, for example, what is a word which describes handing the burden of initiating a task to another person?

An example: if someone wants afavor from me, but I am busy and have minimal interest, I might ask the person in question to email me about the specifics of that favor. Instead of having to write it down, I have the other person write it down, I receive the specifics in an email, and the becomes part of my workflow.

Best Answer

If you are looking for a one-word answer I would suggest Onus.

The onus is the responsibility for something. It carries a connotation of the burden being placed upon someone. So, I would say:

I will do this, but the onus is on you to get it started.