Learn English – Meaning of the “rupt” suffix/prefix


I was wondering the other day about the word corrupt, found that the suffix "rupt" appears in many words and as a prefix for another set and decided to ask this question:
What does "rupt" mean?

corrupt – "core"(I assume) + rupt = broken core ?

rupture – rupt + verb-type thing = broken

then there's all of these , mainly (if not prefixed with a negative) meaning a (on some higher level) to break an existing state of being

This is all very poorly phrased and I apologise, I'm just not entirely capable of expressing exactly what I mean, which is why I made the examples.

Best Answer

Rupt is better thought of as a word root than as a prefix or a suffix. It comes from Latin.

Rumpere is a Latin stem meaning "to break". From that comes the Latin ruptura, meaning "fracture".

As you noticed, these words are connected in that they all seem to describe something broken.

Here you'll find a more detailed etymology of many words that contain the root.