Learn English – Much more better


Is it correct to say " much more better "?
You know the -er ending in better means more already so it seems redundant , "Like saying something twice"

Although I heard it frequently I was wondering if it was correct.

How can i say "much better" with more emphasis?(i know If I'm speaking all i have to do is use the correct tone when i say "much" and it will put more emphasis on it , but I mean in written English )
Are "Way better" and "far better " good alternatives?

Best Answer

Two intensifiers ("more" + "-er") is considered grammatically incorrect in standard English. You'll find it in some vernaculars, as in Spike Lee's 1990 movie Mo' [i.e., More] Better Blues. For emphasis, use an intensifying modifier. Your suggestions are fine. "Way" is the more informal version of "far and away better."