Learn English – n English word for a woman who has recently given birth


In some cultures, there are lots of customs about a woman who has recently given birth to a baby, such as feeding special fancy meals to her, taking special care of her, and so on for (a certain number of days, e.g. 40 days from baby's birth) and of course there's a well-known word that explains this.

I couldn't find anything in the dictionary and thesaurus and based on my search keywords. Does it exist in English?

P.S.: The term new mother is quite general that won't refer to this certain period just after birth.

Update: I just removed single word request rag and added word choice instead. Happy to get more opinions on this question, if any.

Best Answer

Puerperal - Relating to, connected with, or occurring during childbirth or the period immediately following childbirth. FED

Puerperium - the period between childbirth and the return of the uterus to its normal size - Merriam-Webster - "A woman in the early puerperium".