Learn English – Need a word that describes a biweekly publication


Our company publishes an internal e-newsletter that we call the <Title> Weekly. We're now going to publish every other week, so the title needs to be changed. The first solution that came to mind was <Title> Biweekly, but a few questions on this site have pointed out that "biweekly" is a troublesome word, and we didn't really like the word anyways.

What is a good word to describe a publication that is now publishing less than it used to? Searching around on this site yielded "fortnightly" as an idea, but that doesn't fly as well across the pond. I just learned about the existence of "hebdomadal", but I doubt that "bihebdomadal" would get approved.

Any ideas? It doesn't even have to be a synonym of biweekly; in fact, it'd probably be better if we went in another direction. The publication is publishing less frequently so the idea of scaling back could be in play, but the new format opens the door for a more focused and relevant publication, because we won't be struggling for content week after week. So, a word like "condensed" could be on the table as well. Or, even a word that's better than "regular" to indicate that while it's not as frequent, it's still a regular publication.

Best Answer

Periodical has the two senses you are looking for; but why not call it the Personnel Clarion or the Coding Bugle? The newsletter in one of my jobs, most of which informed us of things management should have told us but forgot, was called The Caret.