Learn English – Neither …or/and…, nor …or/and…


Can I say "It’s neither humanitarian or environmental, nor political or ideological, nor economic or management crisis." Is it ok to use "neither ..or.., nor ..or.." or perhaps it's better to say "neither …and…, nor…and…, nor…and…"?? I just dont want to write so many "nor"-s: "It’s neither humanitarian, nor environmental, nor political, nor ideological, nor economic, nor management crisis."

Best Answer

You do not need to repeat "nor" for each item in the list.

This crisis is neither humanitarian, environmental, political, ideological, economic, nor related to management.


Since comments sometimes disappear, and are not searchable, I will preserve the Janus version from the comment in this answer:

“It is neither a humanitarian, […] economic, nor managerial crisis."

I confess I had not noticed this comment when I wrote my answer. And similar to OP, I like this version better than the sentence I proposed. But it's the same basic idea -- use "nor" only once at the end.