Learn English – ny difference between “talk to someone” and “talk with someone”?


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“Speak to” vs. “Speak with”

Well, the question is in the title. I always had the impression that "talk to someone" refers to situations when some information must be conveyed to someone else, while "talk with someone" refers to cases that involve a more complex two-sided interaction. E.g., I "talk to my colleague" to tell him that I'm going for a lunch break (no response is required apart from maybe an acknowledgment), while I go and "talk with my colleague" if I have to discuss something with him in detail. Is this correct, or is there any difference between the two phrases, or is there no difference at all?

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There's a similar discussion here... "Speak to" vs. "Speak with" . For what it's worth, my perception is that "talk with" and "speak with" are American forms, and "talk to" and "speak to" are British.