Learn English – nything wrong with “yet” in this sentence


I have a sentence that I was supposed to correct; it wasn't hard to correct, but I couldn't help noticing the "yet" in the sentence: it sounded wrong, but I know that English is sometimes weird.
Here's the sentence:

We haven't had any snow yet this year. (I changed no to any)

The yet sounds weird in the sentence, almost unnecessary. I know that if I take out the yet, the sentence still works, but I'm wondering if it works if it's in.

Best Answer

It does in colloquial English, and with the "yet" in place, the implication is both that typically there is snow in a given year, and that the author would have expected snow by this point in the year; removing the "yet" neither renders the sentence incorrect nor ungrammatical, but may well alter the meaning relative to the author's original intent.