Learn English – Opposite of buyer’s remorse


Buyer's remorse is when you have a sense of regret after purchasing something. You may have been coerced into first purchasing the item out of fear or guilt.

What would the opposite of this be?

For example, I bought a pair of shoes and I am extremely content with my purchase. Initially I held no rooted affinity for the shoes, but after awhile, they are undoubtedly the best thing ever


I bought a blender without giving much thought because I needed something to blend all my protein shakes. But now after using it, I just feel like telling the world and updating my status every day reminding everyone how amazing this blender is.

update: I asked a coworker and she mentioned buyer's rejoice. Is this such a thing? Do people use this?

Best Answer

The way you described the blender scenario, I would consider it customer satisfaction. 😊

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