Learn English – Origin of the phrase “Mustard on the beat”


I have realized that in many rap songs by many different artists use the phrase, "mustard on the beat" at the begging of their rap.

Where did this originate? Why do many different DJs and rappers use this?

In my research, I have found this:

From Wiki

Dijon Isaiah McFarlane (born June 5, 1990), professionally known as DJ Mustard…Almost all of his productions begin or end with the tag "Mustard on the beat, hoe!"

But where and why do other rappers, such as 2-Chainz, Kid Ink, and YG just to name a few, use this phrase? What's significant about it's origin?

Best Answer

Often in rap music, the producer is the individual responsible for writing the track's beat - the instrumental part of the song that is rapped over.

The producer in question goes by the name DJ Mustard - presumably because his real name is Dijon, and Dijon is a type of mustard. The phrase "Mustard on the beat" is used to indicate that DJ Mustard is responsible for writing the beat of the currently-playing track.

This phrase is used by many artists because DJ Mustard has an extensive production discography.