Learn English – People who treat living things with kindness and love: word/term


I'm looking for a word (or term) that specifically and exactly describes someone who loves all living things. I'd prefer something that isn't extremely technical (a word/term hat is mostly understood) but at the same time, not too simple (i.e. animal-lover).

I don't think context is necessary in this case, but regardless…

before going to bed, a teenage girl visits the washroom where she finds a moth. Rather than killing it, she gently releases it outside.

Perhaps this can be described as kind, but I'm looking for something that specifically refers to a love or kindness towards beings of life (except for maybe single-cell organisms).

Best Answer

Someone compassionate cares for other people and perhaps for animals (but not, I think, for single-celled organisms or plants, so not all living things).

Someone who feels an emotional connection with other things can be described as empathetic. Such a person can be called an empath.