Learn English – phrase that means sleeping with someone without sex


The phrase "sleeping with someone" often means "having sex." What is the origin of this sexual connotation? Is there a non-sexual equivalent of this phrase to express sleeping with someone without sexual intercourse?

Best Answer

Well with babies we often say 'to sleep(/be) in the bed with'. As in "our baby sleeps in the bed with us."

This extends to adults. Warning... NOTE the use of THE, 'in the bed' is different than 'in bed'!!! Compare 'I was in bed with him' and 'I was in the bed with him'.

Would any of the following examples imply sex....?

  • I slept in the bed with him.

  • I stayed the whole night in the bed with her.

  • They were in the bed together.

It works because 'the bed' is geographical, but 'bed' has many nuances...