Learn English – Print vs type. What is the difference exactly


I am filling out some employment forms and came across the following sentence that I don't fully understand:

Print your full legal name, address, date of birth and social security
number. Please don’t type this information.

I am not sure what is the difference between print and type here. I assume this is related to printing using a printer vs printing by hand? Which is which?

Best Answer

Print your name means write it by hand.

Please don't type... means you shouldn't use a typewriter (or a printer, as others have mentioned).

The important distinction is that 'print' is by done by hand, 'type' is done mechanically.

Since you're filling out what will become a legal document (of some kind) you should write legibly in a hand which can be shown to be yours. Anyone could type your name, so it's not acceptable.

To be as legible as possible, don't use cursive handwriting.

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