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I'm trying to describe a process where there is one stage that serves as a foundation (base) for the intermediate stages, and then a final stage that serves as, well, the opposite. The idea is that Stage A provides broad support that underpins the other stages, and then the final Stage X provides an overarching conclusion. I'm trying to draw parallels between the foundational stage and this one, so I'm trying to find set of words that describe the same type of function though at different ends of the process.

My sample sentence (using A and X as placeholder names) is as follows:

Stage X serves as the ______, opposite the Stage A foundation.

The closest word I could think of was endcap – for example, if you think of a fence-post, this is the cap that goes at the end. However the mental image I have of an endcap is a pointed triangular structure, which implies that all things converge, which is not accurate in this situation.

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In addition to @Jason Bassford's good suggestions, capstone is a term that might work for you, depending on the context of what you want to say.

The term is often defined as a "high point", a "crowning achievement", or a sort of "finale".

It is also used as an architectural term, meaning "a stone on top of a wall or building".

That said, it is often used in academia, where students complete a "capstone project" at the end of their degrees. These projects are intended to bring together all of what the students have learned throughout the course of a full degree program, including "foundational" courses. There are many sources for this usage of capstone. Wikpedia aggregates a number of them and offers a synthetic description of the term's meaning in this context. Merriam-Webster, in its definition of capstone, offers examples of how the term is used, and includes a citation that mentions a student's "capstone project".

The site of the Harvard Business School's MS/MBA in Engineering Sciences offers an example of a capstone course. The description is lengthy, but here's an excerpt: "During Year 2, students..., during the January and spring terms, complete the Capstone course, in which they work in a small team to build and launch a new product...The MS/MBA: Engineering Sciences Capstone is an intensive project that requires teams of students to apply and integrate the skills they have learned across core disciplines developed in the program curriculum."

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