Learn English – Self-Learner vs Self-Taught vs Autodidact


Which of these three terms is the most relevant in a resume?

Should any be avoided?

For clarity, I do understand the irony of pretending to be a self learner posting questions on StackExchange, thank you.

Best Answer

self-taught: I would use this with reference to a specific subject/technology/whatever which I had taught myself: I am proficient at X (BMgc, Unseen University), Y (Dip, University of Krull), and Z (self-taught) or I taught myself Z or I am a self-taught expert at Z.

self-learner: I probably not use this word, but if I did, I'd use it to describe a general temperament, rather than a specific piece of self-teaching: I am a self-learner. (It would be better, probably, to say that you were a good learner, and self-motivated (or, in the language of résumés, a self-starter).)

autodidact: I like this word, but, depending on what you're applying for, it might be too hifalutin to go on a CV.

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