Learn English – Should “I” be capitalized or in lower case?


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Why should the first person pronoun 'I' always be capitalized?

I have serious question here. I just want to know whether to use small or capital letter for denoting I in a phrase. Considering the following example, can anyone help me which of the either one is correct.

Now i want to leave to home.
Now I want to leave to home.

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One of the capitalization rules is, to capitalize the letter "I" when referring to yourself, so it must be capitalized:

In English, the nominative form of the singular first-person pronoun, "I", is normally capitalized, along with all its contractions (I'll, I'm, etc.).

So, it would be:

2) Now I want to leave for home.

as well as:

I'm leaving for home.

N.B. Only "i" when used as a pronoun is capitalized.

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