Learn English – Should we always use the exclamation mark in expressions like “thank you”, “the pleasure”, etc


If someone (for example, John) retweets my tweet, should I add the exclamation mark in my reply? Which of the following options is correct:

  1. Thank you for the RT, John!

  2. Thank you for the RT, John.

I have noticed that the exclamation mark is not always used by native English speakers.

Best Answer

The answer is no. Grammatically no and actually no.

Grammatitically, exclamation are to be used to exclaim a point. And in the above quote, the sentence doesn't seem exclaimed. Usually when something is exclaimed the speaker's pitch rises at the end of the sentence.

Actually, native English speaker rarely (nearly never) use exclamation marks. Usually, exclaimed sentences are short like "Thank you!" or "Help!".