Learn English – Single word for all knowledge


I'm looking for a word that means all human knowledge.

Preferably, the word would be a noun and could refer to knowledge abstractly, inclusive of that which is written and not.

It means all that which is known, not that which is not yet known, or can never be known. (The unknown unknowns.)

To clarify, I mean only all known knowledge.

This excludes encyclopedia as a word.

In context:

“All knowledge” is like a balloon in space. The more it fills with gas, the more it touches on the void: the unknown. Such is the paradox of “all knowledge”.

Best Answer

Pangnosticism may come as close as a single word can.

The doctrine that knowledge is possible concerning everything about which there can be any doubt or real question. Wordnik

The word is derived from the Greek γνῶσις (I know) with the prefix Παν meaning all