Learn English – SNL’s Black Jeopardy: What does “fid’na” mean


In perhaps one of the funniest SNL's Black Jeopardy! sketches ever, the expression Fid’na was one of the six categories along with; Grown Ass, Aw Hell Naw, Girl Bye, I Ain’t Got It, and White People

They fid'na to take prayer out of school
Shanice: “What is they wonder why ever'body is pregnant?”

The second clue was

This is the reason your cable bill is in your grandmamma's name
T'Challa: “What is to honor her is the foundation of the family?”

(P.S. the sketch gets even funnier after this warm-up)

Note that the term fid'na is missing in the second clue, and it was missing in the contestant's question/answer, too.

In the first answer, it seems that fid'na could either mean “thinking of”
or “shouldn't have” but the spelling makes no sense. There is barely anything that I could find online for fid'na or fidna. Just links to the SNL's comedy sketch and two references

We couldn't find a direct definition for the term fidna.


about to, 'fixing to'
(September 06, 2003)
Urban Dictionary

The UD's definition makes some sense, although I am unaware that fixing to means to arrange to do something in the near future. I'm guessing this is American English.

Is the spelling of “fid'na” appropriate? See @Janus's comment below “… my immediate thought was that it looks like eye dialect for “They’re fitting to [sense 2] take prayer out of school”.

Can someone please confirm whether "fid'na" is an abbreviation of "fixing to" or not.
Is the spelling an abbreviation or eye dialect?
How did fixing (to) become fid(na)?

Best Answer

fidna aka a-fixin' to African American Vernacular English

I fidna go to da stow

Translation: I am preparing to go the store. "Fittin' to" is commonly thought to be another form of the original "fixin' (fixing) to", and it is also heard as fitna, fidna, fixna, fin'to, and finsta UK essays

The immediate future marker finna. This feature is a contraction of «fixing to», which both blacks and whites use for the immediate future throughout the South: He finna go to work. This feature can be also reduced to the forms fidna and fitna

English, But Not Quite: Locating Linguistic Diversity
edited by Oriana Palusci

Finna is a contraction of "fixing to"; though is also believed to show residual influence of late 16th century archaism "would fain (to)", that persisted until later in some rural dialects spoken in the Carolinas (near the Gullah region aka the lowcountry - Charleston S.C.). "Fittin' to" is commonly thought to be another form of the original "fixin' (fixing) to", and it is also heard as fitna, fidna, fixna, fin'to, and finsta. wikipedia

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