Learn English – Spaces around a colon


In a recent test, I fixed a feature and I was given the document back because it was pointed out the following was not correct.

Name: Sandy Corporation

I was asked to do this

Name : Sandy Corporation

or do this

Name:Sandy Corporation

To me the first one looks technically correct and is more pleasing to the eye. Which one is correct from punctuation point of view?

Note the difference between all three is how much space should be left before and after the : symbol. Should it be equal on both sides or the first one is correct?

Best Answer

The Chicago Manual of Style:

6.60 In typeset matter, no more than one space should follow a colon. Further, in some setting — as in a source citation between a volume and page number with no intervening date or issue number, a biblical citation, or a ratio — no space should follow a colon.