Learn English – special common term for the name of a film


In the beginning of a film (or in the end) there are credits, or information about creators of the film: actors, producers, production designers and so on. The example. And among credits there is the name of the film in big letters. Is there a special term for the name of a film?

For example, this:
2001: A Space Odyssey

Best Answer

Title card.

E.g this listicle and indeed this google image search results (content warning: One of the images that returns is from a horror film and gory, not terribly realistic, but don't say you weren't warned).

Title card is also used to refer to the static text that appears in the middle of some films, especially in the silent era, though this is less common now because the technique is less common. Those sorts of title cards are also now called intertitles while the title card with the actual title are not.

Title cards in both senses are also sometimes just called titles, but that can of course also refer to just the name of the film.