Learn English – Specific word for man who has an ungentlemanly attitude towards a romantic partner


I'm trying to remember a very specific (old-fashioned but not completely uncommon term) for a man who behaves in an ungentlemanly way towards a romantic partner –for example, a young man who boasts crudely to his friends about his liaison with a young woman who had asked him to keep it a secret.

The word is not lout or churl or chauvinist. The connotations are of someone who is ungrateful and immature –someone who is unappreciative of the sexual favors they are receiving.

Sample Sentence: I didn't mean to be a _____ when I insulted the breakfast you brought me in bed this morning.

Best Answer

If you're looking for old-fashioned, the first thing that springs to mind is cad.

a man who acts with deliberate disregard for another's feelings or rights


The Google definition backs this up as an appropriate answer:

a man who behaves dishonourably, especially towards a woman.

as you did specify the behaviour would be towards a romantic partner, and this fits well.