Learn English – the antonym of “distaff”


What is the antonym of "distaff"? It's not in my dictionary, but it must exist. Right?

edit By distaff I mean, "the female equivalent of something typically male", not just "female" generally. I could write "Joan Jett is the distaff Adam Ant" or "Adam Ant is the [what?] Joan Jett".

further edit no cracks about my musical ignorance.

Best Answer

This is really just General Reference, but from Merriam-Webster...

sword side noun
the father's side of a family — compare distaff

spear side noun
: paternal; the spear side of the family — compare distaff

distaff noun
1 a : a staff for holding the flax, tow, or wool in spinning; b : woman's work or domain
2 : the female branch or side of a family

I suppose Joan Jett is the distaff Adam Ant means the female equivalent of, but although it's perfectly comprehensible, it's not at all a standard usage. If OP is happy with non-standard usages, he might as well go for Adam Ant is the puppy dog tail Joan Jet. Otherwise, male equivalent.

EDIT: I'm slightly ashamed to admit I'd never heard of Joan Jett until I came back to this answer the following day. Now somewhat wiser, I have to say that OP's usage looks exceptionally unlikely (she couldn't be further from the normal associations of distaff! :). Maybe a better way to say it...

Adam Ant is the warlock to Joan Jet's witch