Learn English – the best time / are the best times for a meeting


I'm about to arrange a meeting with a person. I have a feeling that when I say "What is the best time for a meeting?", I'm sort of forcing them to come up with one option only. I'd like to show them that they can suggest several timeframes and I'll then pick the one that is fine with me.

How do I phrase that? First thing that comes to mind is to use the plural times:

What are the best times to call you?

But the times here sounds as in "good old days".

What is the correct way to express this?

Best Answer


What is the best time for a meeting?

does not prevent the listener from interpreting it so that more than one time is suggested.

However, saying

What are the best times for a meeting?

further emphasises giving more than one time.

Both are correct and mean what you want to mean.