Learn English – The ‘hum’ of conversation


This is a well worn phrase I'm trying to avoid in my writing. I'm looking for another word to replace 'hum', which I take to mean the background noise resulting from people talking. I came up with 'murmur', but ideally, I'd like a word that suggests a deep pitch. You see, I'm writing about a group of men, and in my head, I compare the sound of their voices to sounds stones would make as they bounce off each other while being carried along by a river. 'Trundle'? I thought 'gravel', but then, I plan to use that word a short distance away, and I hate clumsy repeats.

Any suggestions?

Best Answer

“A rumble of men's voices” might be an appropriate phrase, using rumble's sense “A low, heavy, continuous sound, such as that of thunder or a hungry stomach”.