Learn English – “the” is in the business name, capitalize it or not


I'm starting a new business and recently decided on a name. The problem is that the name has the word "the" stuck right in the middle, like so:

__ the __, LLC

My question, should the "the" be capitalized or not?

I believe the following capitalization rule should be used, but am unsure for this specific case and if my business name constitutes a "title".

Rule: Do not capitalize short prepositions, conjunctions, or articles unless they are the first word of the title.

From this, I'm guessing the "the" should stay non-capitalized. Anyone care to verify?

Best Answer

The name of the business would be a proper noun. Wikipedia gives an example of a multiple word proper noun in which the word "the" occurring as a middle word is not capitalized:


"In nearly all European languages, single-word proper nouns, including personal names, are capitalized (like France or Moses). Multiple-word proper nouns usually follow the traditional English rules for publication titles (like in Robert the Bruce)."