Learn English – “The one who wants” vs. “the one who want”


I am getting confused with usage of 's' with verb- consider following 2 sentences-

  1. I am the one who wants to stay with you.
  2. I am the one who want to stay with you.

According to me, first one is the correct usage, because, "the one who" is third person, and hence, the verb will get an 's'.
Would like to know what is the rule to be followed in such cases.

Best Answer

The word "am" is a symmetric verb in this case, it functions much like an equals sign. One one side is "I" and on the other side is the phrase "the one who wants to be with you". So the fact that "I" is first person all the way on the other side of the 'equation' doesn't affect "wants".

So, looking at the noun phrase "the one who wants to be with you", who or what "wants"? It is "the one" who wants. This is third person singular, so the form should be the same as it is in "he wants" or "it wants".