Learn English – Use of “as well” in the middle of the sentence


I was wondering if the use of "as well" in the middle of the sentence is correct in formal English.

Here is the particular sentence I am writing:

I got ample opportunities to communicate with a large audience and individuals as well, which enhanced my oral communication skills.

Best Answer

I checked the BNC (British National Corpus), and I have found a number of such occurrences:

Perverse unreasonable Pamela, begone from my sight and know as well how to behave in a hopeful prospect...

...many actually had art galleries and museums under their care as well, providing an early example of multi-media provision...

The comma is also not obligatory. Certainly, the most common cas is the structure as well as.

Between, you can use it at the beginning as well:

As well as Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Canada, Italy and Holland all dump the deadly stuff here to be converted back into more nuclear fuel.

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