Learn English – What do you call it when someone assumes the job of someone else who is out on vacation


I'm looking for an English term to signify when person A does the job (authority and responsibilities) of person B when person B is on vacation. During this time person A is not just a placeholder but is actually expected to perform and advance person B's activities and projects.

I'm interested in a noun referring to the action/process/period itself, the same way as tenure and internship are nouns.

Best Answer

You could say that person B is standing in for person A:

to act as a stand-in (a person or thing that takes the place of someone or something else for a period of time (from M-W.com)

or that they are covering for them:

To act as a substitute or replacement during someone's absence (also from m-w.com, v.i. def 2)

or that they are substituting:

to put or use (someone or something) in place of someone or something else (m-w.com again)