Learn English – What do you call someone who is obsessed with video games


I need a slang word which means someone addicted to playing video or computer games.
Could gameaholic work?

It can't be nerd or geek because although those expressions denote someone who is obsessive, behaves in an eccentric manner, and is viewed as a loner; today those terms refer to people who possess a certain expertise in a specialist field and a passion for hi-tech things in general.

I would like a word for someone who plays online or computer games continuously well into the small hours. I was thinking of midnight gamer or RPG fanatic, but obviously they're not idiomatic. Wikipedia's article: Role Playing Game terms didn't prove to be very helpful.

And I would also like to know if an equivalent term for a middle-aged man or woman, for example a house-wife who has only recently caught the computer-playing bug because her own children play video games.

I did look at this question and although I quite like the term, mouse potato, and it's fairly accurate, it doesn't quite convey the obsessive and compulsive element I had in mind.

Best Answer

Perhaps hardcore gamer

Someone who plays video games as a primary hobby. They tend to spend large amounts of time playing games, often in excess of two or three hours a day.