Learn English – What do you say to wish your fellows a good lunch?


It's lunch time, you joined a table with people, you are about to start eating, but just a moment before you do so, you want to wish everyone a good lunch.

If they were French you would say:

Bon Appetit

If they were Russian you would say:

приятного аппетита

And for Israelis it's:


But when I asked my friend how would he say it in English, he shook his head.

Help me out, how to wish a good lunch in English?

Best Answer

There is no common English phrase akin to bon appetit. In fact the most common way of wishing people to enjoy their meal in the English-speaking world is to use the French phrase bon appetit, which is so commonly used in English that it appears in English dictionaries.

For something more "native" to English, sometimes people will simply say "enjoy!" though that is much less specific to eating a meal than bon appetit.