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At a meeting in an international corporation, a Canadian speaker mentioned having a "red chair" culture and later continued to talk about their "red chair" learnings. I'm not sure what that implies.

I searched on Google for that phrase and broader phrases but I couldn't find any definitions. I looked on Dictionary.com but it's not there. I checked if it's an idiom relating to furniture without results.

What does "red chair" imply when it's used like that? What is the figurative meaning and what history lead to the literal meaning?

Addendum. Since posting this, I've heard from corporate leaders in Australia and New Zealand that clarify that the "red chair" represents the voice of the customer. In practice, an empty red chair is positioned at the conference table during corporate meetings to remind staff to think about how a customer may react to the meeting's conversation. In other words, becoming more customer centric as an organization.

I'm still not sure where the "red chair" concept originated, or why it's red, or if this technique is broadly used by many companies or not.

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Could they possibly have been pitching/talking about this company?

Bukhari Group LLC

Our philosophy is to create a case around your strengths and business strategy while incorporating the Red Chair Culture: consistency in delivering your service to your clients to promote retention &/or kick start growth.

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