Learn English – What does “That woman’s got style” mean


In Jeffery Archer’s new mystery, “False Impression,” there was the following conversation between senior FBI agent, Jack Delaney and his subordinate, Tom Crasanti, both of whom are pursuing after the heroine, Anne Petrescu who took a priceless "self-portrait of Van Gogh without an ear" out of the Art Location of the custom house of Heathrow Air Port, and ran away:

“Where’s Petrescu?” was Jack’s first question.
“She landed in Bucharest.”
“And the painting?”
“She wheeled it out of customs on a baggage trolley,” said Tom.
That woman’s got style.”
“Agreed,” said Tom, “but then perhaps she has no idea what’s she’s up against.”

I searched “get (got) style” to get the meaning of “that woman’s got style” in dictionaries including online dictionaries, but I wasn’t able to find out.

Can you tell me what “get style “means? Is “She’s (he’s) got style” a popular idiom?

Best Answer

It is a popular idiom though it has a wide range of meaning depending on the context. In your example I would venture to say, though not having read the book, that it's a compliment implying the woman is brazen or brave. "She has style" is a complementary idiom that usually means the woman did something "in her own unique way" or "in an unexpected way."