Learn English – What should be the proper reply for thanks


I like a girl which is in same division as I am. Recently she was suffering from malaria and when I came to know this I sent a "Get well soon!" message. We have hardly exchanged any words in labs and common lectures.
Now she has replied as "thanks!" as expected. I want to give her a good reply for her thanks just to continue. So what should I say in this situation. I really like this girl!

Best Answer

The traditional English reply to thanks is to say "you're welcome" or various informal variants of that "it was nothing", "think nothing of it", "oh, any time", "my pleasure" and so on.

More generally, I think you need care less about that bit of the conversation. "You're welcome" suffices to reply to the thanks, but when someone has been sick, and enquiry after their well-being and expressing the hope that they are recovered should be the main part of your communiqué. But that stretches beyond questions about EL&U.