Learn English – What would be the onomatopoeia for “spit”


Just wanted to know how to write in a chat room the sound for "spit".

As in "meow" for the sound that a cat makes, what would you write for the sound of the verb "spit"?

(Google wasn't very helpful, so turning to some native speakers for some help)

Best Answer

ptui! - expresses disgust; usually accompanied by spitting

For example...

...she coughed and corralled the rattle in her chest into her mouth then ptui! - spat on the ground

There aren't many examples of the verb form (as with the cat meowed, the dog woofed), but I did manage to find this one...

Spit should be blown, not ptuied weakly with the lips, which often results in dribble.

OED (subscription-only) don't list the spelling ptooey , but they do have this in their entry for...

Chiefly N. Amer.
Etymology: Imitative. Compare pfui int., phooey int., and also ptish int., pshaw int., etc.