Learn English – What’s a good adjective for someone that pretends they are fine or alright, but they really aren’t


Basically I'm looking for an adjective that describes someone's personality. That they are alright, fine, ok, that they're not hurting when in fact they're in emotional pain or very upset, but they act like they aren't for the sake of others.

I'm aware of the expression, but I'm looking for a single word that could be used as a descriptive personality trait. I want it mostly in a negative connotation, because it's a defect within the character's personality. They do this to the point where they literally harm themselves on an emotional level.

And I've considered stoic, but it doesn't quite fit with the vibe of the character. Rather then remain calm or impassive, they hide their pain under all good cheer – acting as if they are happy rather then in pain. They are the kind of character that would rather pretend nothing is wrong, and that everything is happy and alright, if only to hide how severely dependant they are.

Primarily used for single-word personality trait needing roleplays.

However, an example would be ''That person is the type of person who x ''.

Further example: ''That person is enthusiastic, but I know they're also x''

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: accepting, doing, or dealing with something difficult or unpleasant without complaining