Learn English – What’s a term for “useless numbers or data”


I'm looking for a single word or short phrase that can describe any numbers or statistics that have very little practical value, and are useful only to the extent of "hey look, a number!"

Here's an example from this quite amusing page:

People at 4:53AM on Monday stayed longer on the site than at 11:36AM

(The images on that page also capture the feeling that I'm trying to find a word for.)

Some other examples:

You have sat down in this chair 1638 times

You have pressed the "x" key 973 times

The most common RGB value in this image is (14, 201, 58)

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What's a word or phrase for a number or statistic that is only useful for trivia or amusement?

Best Answer

How about simply "irrelevant"?

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