Learn English – What’s a word that means does not belong, and doesn’t matter at the same time


The word can be used to mean that something doesn't belong (i.e in this category) or something that has nothing to do with something, but also doesn't matter.

I know there is a word for this in my head but I can't think of it. The definition of the word belong is to be rightly placed in a specified position.

As a context; there was a comment posted on a forum where someone said "so that's what people do in the south" and then that person has a photo of a truck and the person standing next to it (while there was also a video about something silly people might do in the south). I wanted to ask if the comment was a joke because she actually lived in the south (and I was thinking this is possibly true because of the photo). So I wanted to ask if that's true or (then addressing the photo) if the photo of the car _______?

Fill in the blank:

Is this a joke because you're from the south? And this seems weird to you. Or is that car photo ________?

It has to be one word that means doesn't belong and doesn't matter. I was thinking irrelevant, unrelated, inapplicable, unconnected, unassociated, uncorrelated, etc. Which one fits best? Is there something better? Because I feel like none of them works.

Best Answer

I think you might be looking for

irrelevant adj
Unrelated to the matter being considered.