Learn English – When should we say ‘Thanks’ and when, ‘Thank you’?


While I'm communicating with my colleagues and clients, I used to say 'Thanks' and 'Thank you'. I normally use 'Thank you' when I want to express it to a single person usually through e-mails, otherwise I use 'Thanks' generally.

To improve my communication methods, I just want to know explicitly when I should use 'Thank you' and when, 'Thanks'.

Or, which is better professionally?

Best Answer

Interesting point . Actually they are bit different though they are used to express gratitude.

1) "I thank you " is a full sentence with subject, verb and complement. 2) "thanks" is a noun.

They have become sort of synonym, tough "thanks" is also used to express gratitude and appreciations in more formal writing or speech such as: We want to express our thanks to those who helped us. Hope it can help.

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