Learn English – Which expression is correct? “in development” or “under development”


When talking about a product or project that is still being developed (so it's in an unfinished state at the moment), which expression is the correct one? “in development” or “under development”?

For example:
Our product is in development. or Our product is under development.

Best Answer

Either is correct, you can meet both versions used for the same context by the same source, for example:


The header:

Diabetes Drugs and Medication in Development

a listing with description and a header:

The following diabetes drugs are currently under development.

and then immediately after the above:

Diabetes drug treatments currently in development

But if a product is not yet developed, the adjective to describe the status is 'underdeveloped'

As the final proof the expressions are completely interchangeable, use these Google search queries to see results using both expressions in the same situations, remember to include double quotes:

  • "products in development" "products under development" Apple
  • "products in development" "products under development" Microsoft
  • "products in development" "products under development" Google
  • "products in development" "products under development"
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