Learn English – Which grade/class are you


In our country, Turkey, when someone wants to know if you're a freshman, or sophomore, or w/e (knowing if you're in high school, or in university) he/she usually says: (making a literal translation here)

Which grade/class are you (in)?

and you'd reply with

"Second grade/class." or "I'm a second grade/class student."

However, I've never seen this kind of reply, or rather question in English. How would you ask if you want to know the person's grade/class in university? And how the answer should be?

Besides that, my real intent for asking this is that I'm writing a paper (in English) and it concerns second-year students, but other people will also have access to that paper. That's why I want to indicate that it concerns only second-year students by adding a short text onto the cover page. I wanted to know what should I write to indicate that. I thought about

For second-years
For second-year students
For sophomore(s?)

but I'm not even sure if these fit, or if there's something better to say.

I think the title and tags might need a modification as I'm not sure if they match with the question.

Best Answer

This answer refers to American English, I expect it's different in the UK (and perhaps from one UK country to another).

If someone is in elementary, middle, or high school, we usually ask

What grade are you in?

and the answer would either be a number grade First grade through Twelfth grade, or a high school student might answer with freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior (when I went to school 40 years ago, grades 7-9 were often junior high school, so freshmen didn't usually identify themselves that way).

If they're in college/university, the question is usually

What year are you in?

and the answer would be freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate school.