Learn English – Which is correct: “as good as possible” or “as best as possible”


Which one is the correct expression:

  1. as good as possible
  2. as best as possible

Both were suggested to be used in the following sentence:

The activity has been performed as good/best as possible.

Spontaneously, I would have immediately said the first, but my friend that studies English is convinced of the second.

Best Answer

I think it just comes down to whether the context is adjectival...

1: We want the result to be as good as possible. (modifies the noun)

...or adverbial...

2: So we will work together as best as possible. (modifies the verb)

Personally I'd rather use as best we can in #2, but you can follow the link there for many examples.

EDIT: As Peter points out, strictly speaking the "correct" adverbial form in #2 is well, not best.